Gideon Smart Home

Smart Home

Creative Director & Co-Founder

Gideon Smart Home, born as Alfred Smart Home in 2015, is a smartphone and tablet app for the management of the your smart home. Gideon allows the user to control all his smart devices (such as thermostats, video cameras, lamps and many other) of different brands from a single application, maintain in cloud footage of video surveillance, automate the management of his devices and monitoring his energy consumptions recommend him how to save money.

I joined this project when it was just an idea and became Co-Founder from the beginning.
From the starter idea to now we have gone through various successful startup programs like John Lewis, Microsoft and PWC, where we growth as a company and as individual expert in the market. Gideon now counts thousand of users that control their house with our Artificial Intelligence.

As a Creative Director i took care about the Android app (from the projecting and wireframes to the final product), web design, icons and all the images/illustrations inside the app, plus social media graphics for both Twitter and Facebook. I also overview the iOS app design.


More is coming!
It's a work is progress, stay tuned and thanks for watching  ⚠️📱


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