App and Website (in development)

Hydra is an app for tracking your activities in sports like Rugby and Soccer through an electronic device. I was contacted by a sports technology company in the UK to think and design their idea from the ground. The application allows you to register as a Coach or Player and then have a personal profile with training, personal data and statistics, so as to create a seasonal profile with the various successes, changes and improvements.

After an initial study with the client, we worked on the initial wireframes and then defined a design schedule to start an agile design process with the development team.

Hydra is in development and will be online soon.

When you login in Hydra you can decide whether to register as a coach or as a player, each profiles have a different layout and functionalities. The clean and minimal style has always been the key to guide the whole project. The white space and the use of the font as a graphic element have been a fundamental pillar that has been used throughout the whole app.

hydra 1
hydra 2

A fast and intuitive process allows you to create teams.
Hydra is principally used  the first categories of UK rugby teams, in schools and universities. The app allows you to have more teams saved so you have a real register of your teams always with you.

All the icons and images in the app are made ad-hoc by me, following the needs of the client.

hydra 3

The coach, like the player, has an activity dashboard where he can see and organize players workouts and returns.
All the workouts and games are saved, with all the important datas for the post-workout study.
Here the creation of a simple and intuitive layout made a very hard section to become fast and easy to read.

hydra 4

You can check your profile, update your data and view your teams from a single screen. Many other settings and features such as changing your profile from player to coach, inviting other collaborators and receiving alerts of the next workouts makes Hydra a real companion for the sport.

hydra 6
hydra 5

The dashboard is the core of Hydra, you have a summary of all your workouts, the calendar of upcoming workouts and matches plus your statistics in the old activities. The coach has a direct connection to the live session, he can  create notifications for his team, and see the live match of the oldest match and sessions.


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