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Snoww is one of the best apps on the market for skiing, this combines the social aspect with the tracking for workouts.
It has been published in the apple store as "App of the day" and with a rating of 4.5+ with over 7000 reviews, this makes snoww one of the most used apps for winter sports. As designer I was contacted to join the UX process and build the visual interface. In a few months of work, together with the client, we managed to make an idea, a great product, ready to be put on the market.

All the visual stuff are made by me.

snow header

A fun and colorful onboarding introduces you to the app, explaining the functions and various initiatives. All the illustrations have been designed ad-hoc, with a fresh style and suitable for this purpose.

snoww 2

Every effort is not in vain. All your records and your challenges are stored in the app and reward you with beautifull medals.
Unlock all the 50 and more ad-hoc designed badges to be one of the most active snoww users.

snoww trophies

Snoww allows you to compete with yourself and others.
A worldwide ladder holds the scores and records of all the members. You can filter the leaderboard by hours, distance, speed and more. An illustrated onboarding to this section explains you the goal and what you could do and gives you the choice to join or not. Are you ready for this?

snoww leaderboard


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