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Wikiwish is your personal gift genie. The genius of Wiki will keep you updated on upcoming events, reminds you of the birthdays of the people you care about and advises you what to gift. A fundamental union between wishlist and personal cart where everyone can create their own profile, put their wishes in the wishlist and the game it's done.

The aim and challenge of the client was to combine a playful layout, but that held a certain level of quality, with a winning and engaging idea. The illustrations, the gradients, the icons and the visual games between white spaces and text make Wikiwish a current and fashionable app, which invites the user to browse and spend time among the wishlist of the friends.

wiki 1

Add wishes to your wish wall, create wishlists and wait for someone to express your wish.
It's like a magic!

wiki 2

More is coming!
It's a work is progress, stay tuned and thanks for watching  ⚠️📱


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