2017, London UK
Digital Product Designer
Snoww LTD

2017, London UK
Digital Product Designer
Snoww LTD

Snoww is a ski and snowboard tracker that combines a unique social feature. With more than 300k downloads and 4.8 stars, Snoww is the coolest ski tracker on the market.

Snoww is a ski and snowboard tracker that combines a unique social feature. With more than 300k downloads and 4.8 stars, Snoww is the coolest ski tracker on the market.


Twice App of the Day on Apple Store. 
Yearly featuring in “winter must to have app”.

 Invited from Apple in their London offices to join an
exclusive workshop to build the Apple Watch app.


The approach

We started with the idea of creating a social platform for skier and snowboarder, where you can track and record your activities,
creating journals with photos and video and unlocks beautiful badges
as a reward of your activity in the app. We wanted to introduce a totally new experience for mountain winter sports.


I brought in the office my design approach methodology that follows the design thinking idea of co-design the product with the client starting from the user point of view. So we started creating a few personas, these ideal users allowed us to create high fidelity journey
and blueprints.

During the wireframe session, I collaborated with snoww team, mapping the features and doing the information architecture of the product, to better understand flows and interactions. After some weeks of UX study and research, I started the visual. I did mood board of the current trends, and making some “main screen” to understand the feeling of the client about my creative approach and giving to snoww a cool, fresh and snowy style.



The onboarding its snoww visit card. The main goal was giving to the user a real immersion in a winter placeThe colour palette, the handmade illustrations and the tone of voice helped me to instantly create an emotional link between the user and the app. Through the onboarding you can see all the snoww features, you can choose your sport and register your account in a few easy steps.



The homepage is an activity feed (like Instagram) built by workouts, photos, videos, earned badges or a mix of all of these. From the homepage, thanks to a navigation bar, you can explore and navigate the app in one click, having all the main features under control.



While we were working on the app I had the idea of making snoww more interactive and challenging.
That’s why we created and introduced the leaderboard. Here your profile and your activities will join a world competitive leaderboard, all the data are in, speed runs, slopes, vertical distance and much more is in a race with thousands of users every day, every week and every month. Gamification in these years became a must-have in the app world, so this was the best way to attract users and invite their friends.



Well, the main feature of the app of course. 
From the middle icon in the navigation bar, accurately highlighted to attract the user, you can start the activity. An implemented geo-location will find the resort you are, the user can choose between ski and snow, and start a detailed counter.


Profile and Trophies

The profile section is a view of all the activities you did, the history of these and the link at social connections and trophies.
Trophies is one of the funniest parts of this app, I designed more than 100 illustrations between characters and reward badges.
Every action you do will be rewarded: Skiing the Everest? Rewarded! Skiing during Christmas? Rewarded! 
This was another great features to attract users to use snoww and try to always reach better result for better rewards.



The menu is the place where you can manage all your settings,
manage your skis and snowboards and send referral codes to earn unique rewards and gifts.


Want more? Virtual Reality

Lately, in 2019 we also designed the coolest part of the app, the find friends with
VR and not. This allows users to find each other across the mountains